So…I guess I’m doing this?!

Well it looks like today’s the day to finally give in to all the suggestions to make a blog about my crazy, clumsy, and all around unbelievably awkward life. Be ready for the silly to the serious, the absolutely random thoughts to the deeper meaning of life, and to anything else that pops up in this always running brain of mine. I enjoy sharing all aspects of my life, no matter how boring or ridiculous, so follow the pink glittery road and take the time to live with me through this glorious whirlwind that is  my life!! XOXO 😜🤗😍




2 thoughts on “So…I guess I’m doing this?!

  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    There is nothing more therapeutic than putting your thoughts and feelings down. I am glad for you that you want to share your experiences with us. You are not alone in your journey. There are so many of us that are standing with you, just because we love you so much.

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