Writers Block…Title Block!

So there was this one time…or now…that I had writers block which is actually pretty sketch because I’m not even a “writer” so how is that even possible? It should just be called “I cant think of any important shit to say while blogging at the moment so I’m just going to ramble on until I actually form sentences.” But you know, potato-patato so that’s pretty much the same thing….or exactly the same. I don’t know, I’m not a writer so I should leave the semantics to someone else. (semantics…that’s what it’s called right? Google confused me and I also don’t give a damn if that’s the right word so I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place now.)

My brain now hurts. Moving on…

Since this post is completely unorganized can we puhhhlease talk about this weather for a minute?! Seriously, what the hell? I know, I know, It’s still winter but this is well….stupid. It makes my body hurt, it makes me grumpy (er?), it makes me want to sleep all the time, it makes me want to punch the weather people in the who-ha’s and ding-a-lings’s (that’s totally appropriate for a blog right? I mean I did warn in the previous posts about language and parental controls…), it makes me want to drink lots of hot chocolate (ok, I’m actually alright with that), and the fact that I have to sleep with socks on is a whole other story! I hate socks. Ohhh I bet you didn’t know that about me. This is getting pretty interesting. This πŸ‘‡πŸΌ(#ihateselfies)



is my “I’m cold, miserable, wearing two shirts, long pants (another story…), socks, my heated blanket…Chevron patterned of course…., my comforter, my old lady (but AWESOME!) heated neck and shoulder pad, and THE HEATER IS ON picture. Ugh. You should feel sorry for me…Except that you are probably cold too AND the guilt just kicked in that there are so many people out in the cold that have nowhere to go. 😞 Well that just took a sad turn…

Today I saw bottles of wine on sale at the bar (Probably wine nobody else liked…so judgy of them) and I didn’t buy it. I KNOW, RIGHT??!!! I’m like 2% sure that having no cash on me helped but that shows some true will power there folks…true will power.I think my award should be coming in the mail any day now. I will proudly display it BEHIND the wine cabinet…or in the trash so nobody see’s lasting proof of this horrific choice in my life. Come to think of it, the internet is lifelong proof of an award so I shouldn’t be sharing this sensitive information with you. But, I already typed it so..ehhhh..whatev’s. Chalk it up to the lack of wine in my belly.


I have had people ask me this week why I started to blog…ya know…all the sudden. Just in the past week as a matter of fact. Well, in my very first post I explained a little about some of my friends telling me it sounds like something I would enjoy. (My guess is they were just tired of hearing me tell them the same things over and over because sometimes a day…or week…in my life can pretty much be summed up in paragraphs just like the above) Also, there may be this little thing about my therapist thinking it’s a good idea or some blah, blah, blah like that. (I was likely being ADD and thinking about a butterfly outside or if she would mind if I played with those Legos she has in the office for the kids) But really, the answer is because I want to…and I can. (Thank you 1st amendment 😊 ) It gives me an outlet from everything to a serious thought or passion I have to something that only makes sense (or is funny) in my mind. I can write ridiculous posts, like today or silly ones, like yesterday just because…no reason…just because. I have a lot to say (ASK ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME!!) and this is a place I can do it. I hope to give strength and encouraging words at times, I hope to make you smile and laugh (with or at me, I’m pretty cool with both), I hope to make you think, and I hope to make you want to come back and enjoy my random thoughts of the day. And if it isn’t your cup of tea that day, or ever, I’m alright with that too. πŸ™‚ XOXO 😘

Love, hugs, kisses, non purchased wine, and bright pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G 😊

P.S. Again, I refuse to re-read this so it comes with a guarantee of grammar and spelling mistakes. You’re welcome!


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