I Know This Superhero that Disguises Herself As My Momma!

In case you weren’t already sure of this, my Mom is the most kind, generous, and loving person I have ever met and I am more than proud to call her my Momma and my best friend! I would never be able to fit all the reasons she is a superhero in this blog post as it would likely take an entire book to do that. But, none the less, I will try.

Let’s start from the beginning. My grandparents were older when my Mom was born which, as I can gather wasn’t exactly the norm in 19…ummm…that’s not important. My “Ma” (her mother) was 39 when she was born and My “Granddad” was 50 at the time. She already had two half brothers from Granddad’s previous marriage, ages 19 and 21, and turned out to be the only child they had together. At the age of 19, her mother suffered her first of many strokes. With her Dad being 69, a lot of the daily tasks fell into the lap of my Mom. Over the years, she would end up taking care of both up until their deaths. Even after she married, she would leave after work and head over to their house everyday  to make sure both of their needs were met. Eventually, her mother had to go to a retirement/nursing home facility…even though that was the last thing Momma ever wanted to have to do. But, by this time she also had me and Ma had suffered other debilitating strokes. Still, she would spend every night after work going to make sure all was well and that she got the love and attention she needed. No one want’s to have to put a loved one (especially a parent) into other peoples care) and Mom was no different. Meanwhile, she still checked in and took care of my Grandfather for the next few years. Mom truly had become the head of the household at a young age and did so without complaint or contempt. That’s love and devotion if I have ever heard of it.

I was a good but difficult child. (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) I had severe anxiety problems, (which nobody new that’s what it was at the time) my Dad was finishing up his degree in the evenings after work, and she was still working full time. (Let’s keep in mind her parents were still alive at the time so she was dealing with that also) I’m legitimately getting overwhelmed just thinking about and writing all of this..I can’t imagine. But she did what she had to do for her family. This strong and brave woman has never once, to this day, put herself first no matter how much we encourage it.

Now is a good time to mention the fact that during ALL of the above she was moving up the ranks in the Forsyth County Register of Deeds Office. She would continue to do so for 26 years, was appointed THE Register of Deeds, and would be for the remainder (one year) of the term of her predecessor until she lost the election in 2008. That was a blow for sure but she took it in stride with her head held high. She always shows class and grace in her actions and this was no different. Mom continued work in a county office until she retired with thirty years of service at 50. How many people can say the retired so early in life?! Not to mention everything else going on…sheesh, most of us would have lost our minds!

For the last 10 years she has been a Notary Public teacher for Forsyth Tech and some surrounding counties. She LOVES it! Oh, have I not mentioned that she now works as the Office Manager for an attorney AND works with Juvenile Crime Prevention for Davie County on some of her days “off” as well? Silly me, oops, well now you know.

*I know this jumps around a bit but it overlaps so much that it is hard to make it completely chronological.*

In late November of 2005 my Daddy had to have unexpected quadruple bypass heart surgery. Momma lived at the hospital that week and was home 24/7 to take care of him throughout the following weeks. (I helped so don’t think I’m a horrible daughter, but this isn’t about me) She was with him every step of the way though the healing process…which I’m here to tell you is long and strenuous.

As most of you know, I have had my fair share of health problems but we won’t be getting into all that…Let’s just say she has been my rock through it all. Jump ahead to June of 2014 when I began to have seizures, the worst health problem to date. I have never seen my Momma jump into action so quickly and get me to the hospital for the help I needed. (Well up until 2 weeks ago when I couldn’t breath after that stupid allergic reaction to shellfish but, yikes, we can just skip that part) After my time in the hospital, in which my family had to MAKE her go home while they stayed with me for a bit, she never left my side. I’m talking stayed at my place where I was most comfortable, wouldn’t let me walk down the stairs without holding onto me when I went to appointments, sat in the bathroom while I showered in case I seized or got too weak, handled all my appointment scheduling, keeping my workplace up to date on how I was and anyone else who called, texted, and sent well wishes on Facebook, made sure I got food when I was hungry and made sure I took my medicines and took them on time. She flinched at every noise or twitch I made. When she finally went back to work, (which by the way she took me with her the first couple times so she could keep an eye on me) Mom would come by my apartment every night after a full days work and keep me company, make sure I was fed, and again make sure everything was good to go with my meds. She never missed an appointment no matter how many I had. NEVER ONCE did I hear her complain. (My Daddy played a HUGE role in all this as well but this isn’t about him, but a yay for him anyways!) Almost two years later and she still helps me at the drop of a hat for anything, and she ALWAYS has.

My parents have been married for 32 years now and are still in love as ever. Neither my Dad nor I know what we would do without her!! My Momma, Karen, is the epitome of a superhero in my eyes! She is what I strive to be in life and has every wonderful quality that a person can have. I haven’t even gotten close to telling stories about each life she has touched and all the people she has loved and cared for over the years.We often don’t take the time to realize the amazing people we have in our lives and how lucky we are to have them. We need to cherish the moments we have, share the love, and thank them every time we get the chance.

Momma, Karen, and best friend, I love you more than words could ever describe and that will never change!! You are my superhero day in and day out. XOXO 💜💜💜


Love, hugs, kisses, Superhero Moms, and bright pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G 😊

P.S. Again, I refuse to re-read this so it comes with a guarantee of grammar and spelling mistakes. Okay, okay, I actually tried to do the best I can on this one…dont be judgy. 😉


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