Snow, Ears, and God?

Remember yesterday when I said I wasn’t going to complain? That was only half true…I wasn’t going to complain yesterday. Today is a different story. Why? Because I am a woman and it’s my prerogative (spell check told me that is how you spell it but it looks funny…) and also because it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

Let’s talk snow, shall we? Okay, okay, it’s pretty. I will admit that. But pretty ends when it starts to stick to the roads. I’m going to post some pictures here in a bit from right outside the neighborhood and just up the street. (A neighbor posted a few minutes ago that at last count there are 20 cars in the pile from the picture that was taken last night) By now most of you, if not all, have likely already seen them but it just helps prove my point…and I like being right. (In case you didn’t know 🙂 But, don’t we all!?) The good news is I will not be eating any shellfish or leaving my house whatsoever (to avoid inevitable clumsy falls) so that we can keep the firetrucks and ambulances away during the snow/ice storm. (I still feel 107845983.4% awful that they had to get out in the elements for me last time.) I am SO thankful to those that work to keep us safe even during the bad weather…hospital workers and many others included. I’m glad so many schools, companies, and government agencies closed in order to keep as many people inside as possible.

Considering there are many days I stay in all day with nothing to do, you would think this would be no different. Wrong. For some reason I get more bored than usual purely due to the fact I CAN’T get out and about. Damn you mind for playing tricks on me!! Not to mention I ACTUALLY had plans todoy…ironic huh?

*I’m going to go ahead and have you think back to my previous post about the shellfish incident of 2016…it will tie the whole post together at the end*

Moving on because I’m just as tired about talking about the bad weather as I am the weather itself! I have had this earache for about two months now. I am a big baby when it comes to pain (actually I have been better at handling it since the seizures, so I guess there’s always that) so I have no idea why I have been so stubborn with this. After about a month I went to my doctor and he told me I had an ear infection, which I expected, and put me in antibiotics that would take about 10 days to fully work. What happens? The pain does start to slowly get better and after the round of antibiotics my ear felt better for a little less than a week. What did I do then? Nothing. Okay, I took some Motrin here and there and a shot of whiskey for the pain once in a while. It seemed like a legitimate treatment at the time…maybe my ear was just tired from being infected so long before…right? Right. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it) The pain became almost unbearable so I finally gave in and said I would go to the doctor on Monday morning (today). Luckily, there is a new Express Clinic in town that is open on Sundays and since the bad weather was predicted for today, I decided to go to that clinic yesterday. When the doc walked in, bless his/my heart, he had already read the notes my doctor made a few weeks ago and before even looking at my ears he said “Sweetie, I’m sorry but I think you will need help I can’t give you and will need to be seen by an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor.” (enter jaw drop here) My mind was like “WTF dude, you haven’t even looked in my ear!” Turns out he was completely right. Which is good, because he’s a doctor…well NP…and I always hope they are right! (with the information they have of course…no one is perfect people!)  The infection was cleared up from the previous medications but the fluid is still behind my ear. Here is where I write all the explanations he gave and medical terms that I do not understand (and that nobody cares about) so we are  just going to skip this part. The gist is, I will be calling the ENT as soon as the bad weather allows them to work. (another reason the weather sucks because I’m in pain and I want them to be open but I also don’t because I want them to be safe) See my dilemma here?

So, no meds leaving the doc yesterday, which is totally fine because I don’t want to take anything just for the sake of it or that likely won’t work anyways. He did however say that, although he can’t prescribe the whiskey, I should continue with whatever has been helping the pain thus far until I can get in to see the ENT. I took this as him saying “BRING ON THE WHISKEY and if you get tipsy enough you won’t even remember why you needed it in the first place!” I mean, he didn’t write that on my chart or the instructions for after care, but I know that’s what he meant. Anywho, I mean, there’s that and it’s been fun…if by fun the definition has changed to wanting to slam your head into a brick wall while standing on a pile of hot coals with sharks just waiting to gobble you up if you move off those hot coals with vultures flying around waiting for the leftovers and trying to poke holes in your eardrums all at the same time. Yes, that definition of fun.

Also, I wasn’t going to say anything about this but since I’m 99.9% sure it’s no big deal and all 6 people who know about this have been through it themselves in some way or another, this Thursday I have to have this dumb procedure to make sure all my hoo-ha parts aren’t trying to destroy me. Like I said, no big deal.

On that note…

Dear God,

I know you do not give us more than we can handle and I know that you have a plan but for the love of all things pink can I PLEASE CATCH A LITTLE BREAK?! I realize you are testing my strength and I appreciate that, thanks for spending time taking care of me. But, I just want to point out I have been a really good girl and handled it all pretty well, in my opinion. We are all adults here so my hoo-ha would like to thank you for good results in advance. (Do you accept those?) So, are you open to any negotiations here? I’ll let you think about it and get back to me.


Me (and by me I mean Kim but you knew that because you’re God. I just wanted to clarify in case you are getting frustrated with me.)

P.S. Can you look over what I wrote about the Whiskey…I know you’re more of a wine guy yourself and usually so am I.

P.P.S I know I’m not supposed to complain but can you just add that to the list of things you forgive me for? I would sincerely appreciate it as you and I both know this is no where near the first time or last.

P.P.P.S I’m sorry I cussed. Again, go ahead and write that on my forgiveness list because…well, you know.

Well, that just took an interesting turn. Thanks for involuntarily praying with me friends. Feel free to throw your own thoughts in there.

Believe it or not, I am tired of complaining…for now…so here are some YAY things…

I got a really sweet Valentines day card in the mail the other day from a friend. It made my day!!!

I’m enjoying Jenny Lawson’s first book, ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.’ You will likely remember her from a previous blog post where I highly recommended her book ‘Furiously Happy.’ Yes I am reading them backwards but do you honestly expect any different from me? Sheesh.

Red Velvet Oreos are out right now! Need I say more?

I’m in the middle of watching a string (marathon I hope) of The First 48 episodes. Sweet.

I got my taxes back in a week. Yep, I’m grasping at straws in the YAY category.

We have reached the end of the torture train for you today so if you read this far then 5 stars for you…you deserve some Oreos! Not mine, but some.


Photo credit: Top- WXII and bottom – Aaron

Love, hugs, kisses, Snow, and bright pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G 😊

P.S. Again, I refuse to re-read this so it comes with a guarantee of grammar and spelling mistakes. You’re welcome!


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