Only Child? Really Though?

I’m an only child and if you know me, you know that it’s pretty obvious. But there is this one person in my life that I love like she is my sister. (and yes, she is of the human variety) Spoiler alert: her name is Courtney. From the day my Aunt (who I had wrapped around my little finger at the time) told me that she was having a baby I was so excited. (I think…I may have pitched a fit…you never know with me) I do, however, remember telling my Aunt that she should name her Pearl. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea…I was two! But, I mean, that could have started a trend bringing back old school names. We will never know, now will we?!

We loved each other but fought…a lot…when we were little. Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with me being super spoiled before she came along AND us both being only children. It’s just a theory. Or a fact if you ask our parents so just don’t. Let me just fill you in on a couple things I remember from when we were little…

*Very important fact that really doesn’t fit in here anywhere is that she lives like four and a half hours away.*

Me: Apparently I always gave Maw-Maw or Aunt Linda a hug when I saw them before I gave her one and Aunt Linda told me that made Courtney sad.
Courtney: “You’re supposed to hug me first!”
(I believe I was about 7 or 8 at this time and I’m also pretty sure I never made that mistake again)

Courtney: Jumping on the bed when she fell off and smacked her face…
Me: I look over the bed to see if she’s alright…
Aunt Linda: (has super power Mom ears and comes running) “Kimmy, what happened? Why was she jumping on the bed?!”
Me: Since I was little I can only assume the response in my head was “Because she thinks she’s a monkey and was being a complete dumb ass!” It could have also been because I was jumping also but my memory escapes me at that very moment in time. But, as I said, I can only assume that was my response at the time.

Courtney: Apparently extremely mad at me for the one billionth time…”When I get older than you….”
Courtney: “Yuh huh!! One day.”

Those are the only things I can come up with at the time…or will share. Mostly because we will never agree on who did what and who got blamed for it. Since this is my blog I am going to just throw out there that I’m pretty much an angel and she is a bad influence. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

As we have gotten older we started to get closer (without being whiney brats…as much), which I love and am so thankful for. But there is one thing that I have always stood firm on…I hated ALL her boyfriends. Ever. And I let them know! (I let her know as well which is why we would go short times without talking. But I still think that me being so judgy was for her own good.) Now this current boyfiancéfriend (they just don’t know it yet and yes I made that word up) I completely approve of. Which he could care less about anyways and makes me like him even more. My usual threats of harm and a convincing argument that not a jury in the would would convict me when I hunted them down…litterally…if they hurt her had no effect on him. I’m okay with that. A strong headed person who doesn’t give a shit what people think, just like myself…he must be a cool dude. I approve…for now. (I can switch that opinion and go all spider monkey so just keep on being awesome) And switch football teams for God’s sake! (Just a tiny little tip for your future happiness…I worry)

I asked Courtney to write a quote for this blog TWO AND A HALF hours ago but she’s all like “…blah blah blah, I don’t do well under pressure” and probably something like I have a job so leave me alone right now. Who knows. But, I guess the Job thing is kind of important so I’m letting it slide for now. She is slowing by brain juice down trying to finish this. NOT COOL, Court. Not. Cool.

Still waiting…

I just got this text…. I called that one!


In the mean time I will go ahead and explain our relationship as adults. Well I think she’s pretty adulty right now and I’m just pretending at the moment.

Out shopping:
Me: “What do you think about this?”
Court: (Makes stink eye face) “No”
Me: But it’s pretty cute.”
Court: (usually and eye roll at this point) “No”

Courtney driving:
Me: “Oh dear God!”
Court: “What?”
Me: “Are you trying to kill us?! That car is like RIGHT THERE!”
Court: “Oh stop, you’re fine.”

Me driving:
Me: (pulls in parking space and slightly hits bumper of the car parked in front of us.
Court: “KIMMY!”
Me: “What? That’s what bumpers are for. That’s why they call them bumpers.”

Me: “Want to go have some drinks?”
Court: “Oh Lord.”
(This has been a frequent occurrence…)

3 hours later…

Looks likes we will be going to the presses without the quote because, well, you gotta know her. I am going to go ahead and write it for her or the version I would read in my head anyways …

“You are the best person in the whole wide world and life would suck if you hadn’t been born. Maybe. Who knows. I think it’s weird that you have a Facebook album of pictures of your cat and that a (I can’t remember how old you are) is already a crazy cat lady. You need some hobbies. Normal ones. Speaking of normal…you are not. You are crazy and I’m allowed to say that because I’m your cousin. Please get a life. Soon I’m going to start telling people that I found you on the street and you followed me home. Just a heads up.”

See, even though she didn’t write one and I wrote it for her instead, you can tell she really loves me. Mainly because she said so when she texted me and said she had no idea what to say in a quote. 🙂

So as far as being an only child is concerned, I don’t consider myself one. We may not live very close and only get to see each other a few times a year, I know that I can always count on her, no matter what. (Except to send a quote on how AWESOME I am) And vice verse. We fight and make up like sisters and I love her more than a cousin, but more like a sister. I’m one lucky Kimmy, that’s for sure. Xoxo


Love, hugs, kisses, cray cray Court, and pink glitter for now,

Kimmy 😊

P.S. The normal crap…I’m not re-reading or checking for grammar. Duh.


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