Chicken For the Win

Hi there to my favorite blog readers out there…which is ooooobviously all of you! I appreciate y’all sticking with me through this week. I undoubtedly have the best friends and family for understanding and standing by me…better than I deserve! πŸ™‚

Let me start by saying I got TWO amazing bits of news this week and actually got off the phone with another good news phone call! For those who have been following, the biopsy results came back just I as expected…awesome!!! (phewwww, a relief even when you do go in with a positive attitude.) Finally some good news from the State as well! Here’s the kicker though, if we are being completely honest about it, even those great bits of news I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for don’t have much power over depression. I was so ecstatic from the actual events but still had an “episode” as I like to call them.Β  I know it didn’t help that I felt terrible with some sinus ickyness this week, some joint pain from this awful wind (which I know a bunch of us get), and STILL dealing with this ear situation, but that still doesn’t make me feel any better in knowing that could have been some of my root problem this week. Depression and anxiety don’t need a reason. DAMN THEM!!! And I am not ashamed to say this because I am not ashamed of what I deal with…It does not define me and doesn’t mean I am still not ME. Awesome and totally amazing…duh, people. πŸ˜‰ #NOSTIGMA

Enough of that. So let’s talk about this ear pain for the ‘who knows how manyith’ (yes, I made up that word and no, I don’t care. It fit) time. The poo poo headed, douchebaggery of a super duper stupid douchebag “I’m the specialist”…and in my opinion hateful and incompetent…ENT that I went to last week was NOT helpful as we have established. I am STILL in such severe pain…going on 2 1/2 or 3 months now ( I forget)…that I took a leap of faith and went back to my regular family doctor who had originally seen me. When the nurse said that the doctor would be right in I told her to make sure to go ahead and bring his saw so he wouldn’t have to go find it later for what, at this point, I am sure will be an amputation of my ear. She said he might look at her crazy. I then countered with or he will think you didn’t do your job when I asked you to go ahead and bring it and he ends up needing it. I believe I won but for some odd reason he still left the saw back in what I can only assume is the “special” room with the “special” toolbox that they roll outside whenever the get inspected. You know, the one with saws, pliers, handcuffs, lobotomy equipment, etc. It is the only logical explanation. Apparently they are not too keen on cutting my ear off as I suggested so it’s blood work, a MRI, and steroids for me at the moment. (and shots of whiskey that we all know were not prescribed, per say, but were also not discouraged. He also didn’t flinch when I said I had left over pain meds that are just sitting there looking at me like “I’m soooo bored!” so I took that as a “go for it” as well πŸ™‚ ) I’m pretty good at reading people like that. Pray, pray, pray, send good vibes, do a dance, or even use a voodoo doll damn it if that’s your thing!! Thank you in advance. #THANKYOUVERYMUCH

Time for the topic of the day…Chicken. Yep, chicken. Why don’t I set the scene for you…

The other night, my parents and I were sitting at the dinner table talking about God knows what and my Mom said, “let me look at my calendar.” She pulls out her phone and says “That will work but don’t forget we have to pick up the chicken that morning.” I had in no way, shape, or form heard anything about buying a chicken!! (Insert the “WTF?!” face YOU KNOW I made here!) πŸ˜³πŸ™„ We live in a residential neighborhood that I’m pretty sure would have the home owners association on us in a heart beat if we got a CHICKEN!! “WHAT. THE. HELL?!?” Then I hear, “No, frozen chicken. 40 lbs of it.” πŸ€” Say whaaaaaat?!?!?! I am in a total state of confusion at this point so I’m not sure which one of them said “well you haven’t heard the rest.” SMH. I was not prepared for this, folks! My Mom said that she had seen on the “Moolah Savers” blog multiple times about a company ( ) that comes through town with a refrigerated truck and SELLS PREPAID FROZEN CHICKEN OUT OF THE BACK OF AN 18 WHEELER!! If you know me at all, you know this just made it worse already! Ready for the part that almost made me fall out of my chair? … “All we have to do is be behind the McDonald’s (bowling ally area) over near the airport between 8 and 8:30 to pick it up” said one of them. CAN WE PLEASE RECAP?!?! 40 lbs of frozen chicken. From a traveling truck. Parked behind McDonald’s. With a 30 minute window to pick it up before the truck rolls out of town. WTF?! Maybe I watch too much TV, maybe I am aware of too many scams, OR maybe I am worried about eating chicken that was picked up in a very sketchy manner. Call me crazy. I’m contemplating a police escort even though there will be at least 2 of us carrying. I am still not convinced I dreamed this. That whiskey can really take a toll after a while. I am now speechless about the chicken. Frozen. From the back of a truck. In the back of McDonald’s. OK, obviously I wasn’t speechless, per say, but I am now! πŸ“

Love, hugs, kisses, creepy frozen chicken murderes, I mean sellers, and pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G πŸ™‚

P.S. Again, I refuse to re-read this so it comes with a guarantee of grammar and spelling mistakes. You’re welcome!



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