Pain Meds and Blogging

Wowza! What a busy couple of days it’s been. No complaints here though because I love getting opportunities to celebrate with my friends and to actually get things done and complete errands like a boss!

Yesterday I helped host a bridal shower with some of my besties for a wonderful couple we know. (Also friends of ours…DUH!) It. Was. A. Blast! From what I hear they truly enjoyed it and I know the rest of us did as well! It’s amazing to me to think how one person introducing someone to another friend and these people going to college together can make its own circle of friends that otherwise many of us may never get to know. I love that! #sharethelove

So in order for this to go smoothly for an afternoon shower, I had to get my butt out of bed and be ready for the day at a descent hour. This is not exactly my thing lately…well or ever. LUCKILY I remembered to tell my friend to text me and make sure I was awake as I have my text alert set to one of the most annoying sounds ever! Does anyone else have to change their text tone frequently so you don’t start sleeping through them?! Oh come on, I know I can’t be the only one! Just admit it now so we can move along. Are we on the same page now? K, good…moving on. So after sleeping through 3 alarms💤💤💤💤….and yes I set them for earlier than I needed just in case…I got my wakie wakie text! Thank God for great people who know you are a spaz! I should probably (ahhh, I finally spelled it right without the computer judging me!) go ahead and say I skipped out on my pain meds the night before or I would have likely slept until the party was over. Not last night…that sucker was in my mouth as soon as I walked in the door because when I hit the bed there would be no stopping me. I’m a champ like that…duh!

Let me set the scene between my friends and I…we are all different in many ways..but can we say Type A personalities almost all around?! I am pretty sure we ended up moving the exact same things around at least 4 or 1000 times. Okay, maybe 6 but whatever it was you better believe it was an even number! But hey, don’t be jealous…we are pretty good at taking in “strays” if you are brave enough to join our madness. 😜  We were so exhausted afterwards that we didn’t even contemplate sitting and eating…it was tiiiiiime to go home. 😴 It also could have been the 4 Dewey’s red velvet cake squares I ate throughout. See, what had happened was, I had one while we were setting up to taste test and all. Then I needed one to have with my drink. Later, without thinking I had another one because, let’s be honest, I can eat cake like it’s going out of style. YOU CAN’T just have three pieces!! That’s such an off number so I had to FORCE (alright, there was no forcing involved) to eat another to make that numbers work. All is well that ends well. Even the sugar couldn’t help me yesterday because I believe I was asleep before most toddlers. SO WORTH IT though!

Let me just say this too…photo “booth.” It was on.

#miketgetsbrittny May 2016 yayyy!

This morning I pretty much felt like the champion of the world! I was still on a “high” from yesterdays party, the pain meds did their job, the steroids had me up and going at a descent hour and I was rocking and rolling on my errands. I finally got a package I have been meaning to send for weeks sent off, went by the bank, (I think they have this game where they sit there and bet on how low my account is and the ones that are the furthest off have to take a shot. Well, they are state employees so it really isn’t exactly that far fetched to think that may be what they would at least want to do!) and I remembered to go get my blood drawn from back when I saw the allergist. Oops, apparently that’s not something most people forget and put off for so long. Oh well, the vampires got more of my blood and will not be going hungry anytime soon. (Vampires are the ones that like blood, right?!) And the best of it all you ask? I felt bad for myself for having to get blood drawn and getting rid of so many shoes this week that I decided to treat myself to a little trip through TJMaxx. This. Is. Never. A. Good. Idea!! HOWEVER, I somehow remembered I had random gift cards from who knows when or where in my wallet so I didn’t feel so guilty. I walked out with the LEAST I have ever spent there…$2.75. Now tell me that isn’t one of the best treats ever?! Actually don’t because if you don’t agree I may need to really reevaluate our friendship. Just sayin’.

So now that you have read about my last two exciting days that I have written right after taking my pain pill this is a good place to say night night….and not just because my eyes are half open and I’m pretty much forgetting anything else I did or was going to write about. You’re okay with that, right? Yep, I thought so.

Love, hugs, kisses, pain killers, blah, blah, blah, and pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G 🙂

P.S. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and more blahs. No mas.



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