Rodents & Bugs…Stomach Bugs That Is.

Happy March 1st to all my readers out there! I am choosing not to believe a rodent that pops out (or not) and once a year gives us a prediction on the weather for the coming weeks. Seriously folks, I’m supposed to be the cray cray one here, so don’t you think that’s  a little odd? I mean, I don’t trust Bentley to tell me if there is an intruder so I certainly just don’t think it’s such a good plan to follow the weather prediction of Punxsutawney Phil. (Yes, I had to look that up because who the hell can remember that?!)  Am I right? Of course I am! Dear rodent, keep doing rodenty things and mind your own business! With that said, I have no idea what his prediction was this year so if it was good news then I should probably take all this back. Hmm. Dilemmas, dilemmas.  (I should look that up too but….nahhh)

It looks like March has brought our household a little gift. Like an ugly home knitted sweater by some relative that obviously can’t be returned to a store  and you have to keep and wear every year so you can show them how much you love it. THAT kind of gift. The tummy bug has not-so-gracefully forced its way in. Come on now, this place is prepared for many kinds of intruders but apparently germs are not as easy to “handle” as dumb ass criminals. Just sayin’.

Let me tell you how this is going to work…

I have now Lysoled the house, restricted myself to my room which is now a fortress against as many germs as I can )with Clorox wipes that I will be walking around with to use on every surface), and even closed the cats out…just in case. They don’t share well but I believe they think differently about germs. Cats are sneaky like that. (Then again so are stubborn parents so we may need to go over these rules a few times..)  Bentley is NOT happy about this situation. Mom and Dad’s “call bell” instructions are to text me if they need anything and don’t expect me to hang around once I bring it. And no, I am not above leaving it outside their door for them to get once I have sealed myself back in my room. In all honesty, as much as they have taken care of me over the years and continue to do so I guess I could take one for the team. But…I’m still thinking on that. ;P Bless it.

I AM NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING A LITTLE BIT WHEN I SAY that I just stopped typing to take my mom some toast after she sent me a text and she informed me that one of the cats had just puked. OMG! I TOLD Y’ALL!!! I am now back in my room safely, so don’t worry.

I have a feeling this chick will be home as little as possible the next few days! Dinner anyone? Movies? (non germy movies…is that possible?) Someone to just sit and stare or talk your ear off all day? The possibilities are endless! Who has suggestions?! I may even be nice enough to run errands for ya 😉 (ehhh, probably not most of them but you’re welcome to at least ask)

Time for some Gatorade, vitamin C, and chocolate (not to be confused with the actual vitamin C)! Well, and pretty much anything else I can think of to not get sick. A Kimmy with a tummy bug is a terrible, no good, very bad thing. So sorry for anyone else that has or had it while it’s been going around.

Love, hugs, kisses, annoying stomach bugs, and pink glitter for now.

Kimmy G 🙂

P.S. The usual




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