How does one just forget that it’s Winesday Wednesday? When it’s on a Tuesday this month. That’s when. Don’t worry, my friends seem to have this 6th sense when it comes to me and plans of any kind…even if they don’t know it.

Last night I had an entire conversation with my Mom about going to dinner for Winesday today (Tuesday) instead. We even talked about it being Boozeday Tuesday. (I’m easily entertained) What do I do you ask? Not think another thing about it…that’s what. Even after getting a text tonight asking if I’m coming to dinner it still didn’t hit me!! I was all like “Yea! Can’t wait!” and proceeded to go about reading my magazine as my friend said they had stopped off somewhere before dinner and I should just swing by. My response? “I don’t think I’m up to going out two nights in a row since I’m still on the mend from being sick.” IT STILL HASN’T HIT ME AT THIS POINT!! I see this pop up on the screen….”It’s tonight silly!” STILL DIDN’T GET IT! Being the warm and kind friend that I am and not wanting to make her feel bad that she thought today was Wednesday, I replied back “Today’s Tuesday silly!” (without pointing any fingers I may or may not have been the one that was wrong in this situation because she, in fact, did know it was Tuesday. But, pshhh, that is neither here nor there.) Now, this is something not many people are willing to admit so I will go ahead and accept your applause…I was wrong. Yes, that’s correct, I’m not afraid to say it. (Mainly because this happens a lot and if I denied being wrong every time I actually am I would be one big fat annoying lire. I hate those people. Don’t you. That’s what I thought and that’s why you read my blog. We are pretty awesome people. It could also be because you have nothing better to do but you know what, I’m okay with that. (But seriously, if that’s the case you should really consider a hobby…you’re the one sitting here reading about how I forgot Winesday Wednesday was on Tuesday even though I knew it wasn’t. But on the other hand, it’s pretty cool you’re reading what I have to say so, ya know, you just do you and continue reading.) Now, what was I talking about?

Ahhh, yes, Winesday Wednesday that was actually Tuesday. So, luckily anything having to do with wine makes me move at some kind of super human pace so I was up, dressed, AND at the restaurant ON TIME. We are talking about a 20 minute time span folks…including driving there. Now this may come as a total shock but I wasn’t even speeding! Much. For long. Def not 10-15 over the limit FOR SURE! And no rolling stop signs. Yep, I’m pretty impressed myself. (pat on the back for me 🙂 ) Unfortunately I still get a woozy belly when I smell certain foods so my Winesday Tuesday consisted of bread, mashed potatoes, and water. NO WINE!! WHAT?!?!?! Yep! NONE! When Kimmy turns down wine and it is not because of doctor’s orders then you know something is wrong. Maybe the Earth’s axis was off. Maybe Hell finally did freeze over. I don’t know…I’m not a scientist or anything. But the only logical conclusion I can come to is I didn’t have a taste for it. HOLY SHIT, I just wrote that. Out loud..well on the internet. (you know what I mean) I think I need to go to the ER. Not so much because I wrote it but because it really just hit me that I TURNED DOWN WINE!!! Hell is absolutely freezing over. There is no other explanation. Grab your parkas folks. Get your sleds and skis out. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! THIS. IS. HAPPENING!!

Alright, so that may be a sliiiight exaggeration but I am a little heartbroken I didn’t get my wine on Winesday Wednesday that’s actually Tuesday. Bummer. I guess we can all look at the bright side though…

Bright side…

I know I can think of something….


Ohhh, here we go…that is for sure the cheapest meal I’ve every had. That’s good. Right?


Love, hugs, kisses, no wine, and pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G 🙂

P.S. I hate this part. I such as writing. I suck at spelling. I suck at grammar. Just get used to it. Sheesh.



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