Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye

I feel like I should just go ahead and admit that I started typing this 3 days ago and got distracted…then I forgot to finish. This is my life. Everyday. 😳

I just pulled up my blog to type and thought to myself…”self, what am I going to write about today?” Obviously I want to talk about this voting situation and the last couple days have been fairly busy. (week now) And don’t get me started on how AMAZING this weather has been. I’m already spoiled and I think it is supposed to cool down some soon…BoOoOoOoOo!! (By now this weather is tomorrow and it might snow. Curse the winter!!!) I hope I just heard that wrong. (I didn’t) and (Because let be honest, I never look at the weather reports and I’m not about to start now.) This could be why I used to start wearing tights and boots with my dresses in September. Hmmm…that just came to me. Or maybe I just like my tights and boots with my dresses so much I couldn’t wait. Yep, that sounds more like me. I digress.

This is where I got distracted…I didn’t say I got very far before then.

Voting. LAWD HAVE MERCY! I have so little yet so much to say at the same time. First of all, YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for Lynne Johnson winning against Norman Holleman in the democratic primary!! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya NERMAN!! Yes, I meant to say Nerman. I can now say you are like a nasty wart on the ass of society. You just never seemed to GO AWAY!! Do you and your family just enjoy being dicks? I was raised that if I didn’t have anything nice to say to not say anything at all. And I was raised that way by an amazing woman that you has no business running against in 2008. BUT, I don’t like you. I am an adult and I have decided to make an exception to this rule. So I ask you, no I beg you, to please just move on. I have heard nothing but complaints about you. Find a way to make an honest living without trying to turn other peoples lives upside down. Please and thank you. That is all.



Also, why on God’s green earth did the vast majority of people (at least in Forsyth County) not show up to vote?!?! πŸ’© You were given ample opportunity with absentee voting as an option and early voting as well. That’s just sad. Do they know what we are facing this year? Hey people, DO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK?!?!?! I know what you are saying and I agree, we are doomed. But, seriously? Why not take the opportunity to have your voice heard at least? πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ If you didn’t vote I don’t want to hear a single word out of your mouth whatsoeverΒ about politicians, politics and anything that comes out of it. I’m dead serious. For real. Keep your trap shut. I mean, I still love you because I’m super cool like that BUT, just no.

I’m super bummed Jim O’Neill lost in his primary. πŸ˜• You had my support of course. Next time though!!

That’s enough about that. I get sick of politics pretty quickly. (Not to mention it booooooring!)

I’m skipping talking about this beautiful weather because now I’m just mad. I WANT SPRING TO STAY NOW!!! Ahhhhhhh. Winter is mean and should only be allowed to stay a month. Okay, two, because I know a lot of people that love it. That’s how much I love all you people. I’m willing to compromise. You’re welcome! 😁

I stayed pretty daggum (awww, I miss Bobby Bowden 😞) busy this week as opposed to my usual weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I might be more limited than before but that doesn’t change the fact I enjoy getting out and about when I can and feel up to it! Can I get a whoop whoop for that?! (Taking it back to the old school)…Also, If you don’t get that reference I’m not sure we can be friends. You should stop reading this immediately and google it. Oh, and look up Bobby Bowden as well while you are at it because that would make this situation so much worse if you don’t know who that cutie patotie is. I will wait…


Did you find it?

Good, I was hoping we could save our friendship somehow. That was a close one.

I have to be up early for The Color Run in the morning so I guess I better call it a night. (It is 9:30 and no, I am not ashamed to go night night already) Pray I make it the whole 3.2 miles…walking…or crawling. You know, however I can actually finish it. I guess we should really pray my heel holds up this year. I am wearing my brace, thick socks, and comfy cushion insoles (because I am pretty much already an old lady) so I should be fine. πŸ™‚

Love, hugs, kisses, bye bye Nerman, and pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G πŸ™‚

P.S. The Usual

P.P.S. My sign off just gave me a great idea!! I so want to go see Nerman, look seriously into his eyes, and all of the sudden glitter bomb him!!! That would be so much fun. Anyone want to join? I mean really, who doesn’t love being covered in glitter for daaaayyyysss?!


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