I’m Baaaaaaaacccckkk! πŸŽ‰πŸ€—πŸŽ‰ You’re welcome. I know you are excited but no need to roll out the red carpet or anything. That would be too much. Pink. I will accept a pink carpet for a celebratory entrance (so to speak) but I have just never been a fan of the red ones. Who came up with the concept of a red carpet anyways? Shouldn’t it be a neutral that will go with any outfit? Maybe a white glittery carpet. That’s it. I should write someone about that and see if we can get that changed. But who? If you have any suggestions or know anyone who has any authority in the matter please let me know because I’m kind of at a loss right now. Maybe I will google it later. Or maybe not. Ehhh, oh well. Now, if you are not excited about my return, #sorrynotsorry, you can just stop reading you negative Nancy. I don’t like bummers on my blogs. Or bummers in general. But that’s neither here nor there. Mostly not here.

So it turns out that sleeping is a necessity and sleeping too much can be bad. Who knew? Alright, I did, but sometimes you just have to live in denial. That is until it becomes normal to stay up until 6 in the morning for no apparent reason and your sleep schedule becomes all wonky and your mood gets even wonkier. (apparently those are words because spell check let me just go with it with no squiggly lines, score!) Let’s just say I was beginning to irritate myself and I just don’t know how that could happen? I thought I was immune to my own irritatingness (New word…write that down Webster) and it only affected others. I was completely okay with that. HA! Again, #sorrynotsorry. Okay, okay, I’m soooooory. (In my 3 year old irritated toddler voice.) I digress…

At my last med check a few weeks ago my doctor decided this sleeping deal was not so kosher. I got this list of instructions…yes, a list of instructions on how to sleep like a normal individual…and of course I was like, No. Alright I just said “no” with my eyes but he knew the drill. Let me just give you the rundown on how this is supposed to work…

1- Do not stay in bed if you aren’t sleeping. (Soooo, I have to use my energy to move from my bed to the couch just to eat, watch TV, and chill on social media which is the same thing I would do in my nice comfy bed? Pshhh)

2-Don’t have caffeine in the evening. (Dude, I’m already not supposed to do that aaaaaand it’s pretty hit or miss. DON’T PRESSURE ME!) β˜•οΈ

3- Don’t watch TV, use your smart phone, I pad, computer, etc. after dark because they have a background of blue light. (Jaw meet floor!!! I seriously considered pressing the panic button and having all the other psychiatrists come running in. I felt he was in dire need of a psychiatric workup and maybe a straight jacket and padded room. (That’s en exaggeration, I’m all about #nostigmas but I needed to make a point here folks!) But I didn’t because that scenario didn’t turn out so well in my head. Poor guy, I feel like I should apologize just for thinking that. Then again, if I tell him that he may think I have more problems than I do. THIS IS A VICIOUS CYCLE!!!!)

4- If I insisted on using said technology (ummm…duhhhh) then there are these special colored glasses I can wear to block the blue light. (Great, now special glasses!?! I’m becoming more “special” as life goes along. Hmmm. So of course I chose the glasses. DO you blame me? Of course you don’t, you are reading this from one of those devices this very minute. HA! Smart thinking going on over here. They are actually fairly inexpensive and can be found just about anywhere. However, when looking for the “fairly inexpensive” glasses that could be found anywhere they were either in goggle form or like the ones you wear to do yard work to keep from getting earthy type things in your eyes. Thank God for Amazon. I found a pair that, honestly, I’m kind of obsessed with (should I admit that?) and now I want them in regular glasses too. (You know, the one’s that actually allow me to see…that is a slight downfall on these. Maybe I should have gotten the goggles to go over my regular glasses. hahhaha, yeaaaaa, no.) I’ve kind of lost my train of thought now so I’m just going to leave you with this….glasses)


They have this yellow/orange tint. Don’t worry, I know I look amazing it them. 😏 You can be awesome too by visiting Amazon.com for all your old people glasses needs. #ihateselfies #ilovehashtags πŸ€—

5- One other small little thing. Ambian. 😳 (I actually did say “No” out loud to this one but I left with a prescription anyway. This is usually the case. I’m such a sucker for doing what I can to get better. Who does that?! 😜 Anywho, I overreact to every potential side effect I read or hear so all the car keys were hidden and my guns were moved to other rooms. So far so good and it seems to be helping for sure so I guess there’s that. Kim: 1 or 2 (I may be exaggerating too high with those numbers) and Doctors: 1,743,785,946,967.2 or something like that. This should just be a temporary thing (which is how he talked me into taking it) so fingers crossed it keeps working and I can negotiate coming off of it sooner than later.)

πŸ’€πŸ’€Who knew sleeping the “correct” way was so technical.πŸ’€πŸ’€ All of this together is supposed to train the body to be more on a schedule. I guess I can’t argue with that. Well, I can and I pretty much tried to but as usual it was a moot point. I feel like I should be getting honorary degrees in all this stuff. No offense but from what I hear other people have to go through with their doctors it is likely I know more than that. Who am I kidding, I totally meant that offensively to them. #sorrynotsorry

Honestly, I had no idea how much talking about sleep would make me sleepy (plus I’m running late on my routine 😁 ) so let’s wrap this randomness up.

I promise to not go away for so long this time! (actually, my fingers were crossed but only because I don’t like making promises I can’t keep and I’m waaaayy too easily distracted to finish my blogs sometimes)

Loves, hugs, kisses, #sorrynotsorry, and pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G πŸ™‚

P.S. …..Usual disclaimer of terrible spelling and grammar….is this still not just understood?


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