Fun, Tattoos, and Netflix

Hey my love bugs! I’ve been MIA for pretty much the best reason everrr….Living life to the fullest and being completely awesome! (duhhh) Spring is finally in the air and the better “schedule” and sleep regimen my doc has me following is working great. It’s been a while since I’ve had this much energy (most days) and I’m loving it. Another victory in my book. CHECK and MATE!

So last Sunday a few of us did one of those popular drink and paint classes called Paint Nite. It was actually the afternoon but that’s beside the point. This one actually holds classes at different restaurants, etc. and you can order any kind of drinks or food you would like…of course that parts on you. Worth it! I would say it was the most fun class I’ve been to however it was the least instructive aaaaaand because I can’t paint it was a hot mess. A hilarious hot mess, but a hot mess nonetheless. I like the ones where the outline is drawn for you…so they even have those anymore?! Hmmm, I should probably look into that.

I had both of my monthly Girls’ Nights this week and it was great to see everyone! It is so much fun to get to spend some time out and about and have fun and laugh more. (I mean, I’m goofy and I laugh quite a bit but it’s those fun belly laughs I look forward to)

REALLY EXCITING NEWS! April 25th will mark one and a half years since my last seizure. (although it feels like just yesterday)  In honor of it I went out and got a tattoo that I’ve been wanting for years! It has a new meaning now and I’m glad I waited to get it because I was able to customize it a little more now. I’m posting a picture below….ignore the swollen foot.  Notice the “;” in “sink” in place of the “i”. In case you are unaware the semicolon is part of the semicolon project meaning “my story isn’t over.” Authors use semicolons to signify that isn’t the end of the sentence and that’s the idea behind the meaning. I LOVE the idea!  (I may have also got a piercing I had years ago redone too….)


I’m beinge watching How to Get Away With Murder right now so I’m not exactly sure why I thought it would be a good time to write a blog. My ADD self has had to look up at least every few words to not miss anything. (ADD and the fact this is not a show you can follow without paying close attention. Haven’t watched it? That’s nuts! You should…now…go watch it now. NOW  I SAID!

Love, hugs, kisses, tattoos, and pink glitter for now,

Kimmy G 🙂


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